Pistol-Picks Guitar Picks

Pistol-Picks Guitar Picks

Since I have both arthritis and a hand injury to my right hand from a car accident, it has become almost impossible for me to hold a guitar pick. I had to give up playing because I just couldn't grip a pick any more.

I was watching a friend jamming at a local club when I spotted his guitar pick.
It had a handle on it!   WTF

After the gig, he showed it to me. It is called a Pistol-Pick (https://www.pistol-picks.com/) and he let me try it. Damn! I could hold a pick again without it falling out of my hand and it sounded really good too.
I wasn’t shredding like the old days but I could finally play again.

I bought the sampler pack from eBay that has one of each thickness of pick to try out.

I’ve mostly settled on the thin pick for strumming since my hand injury is so severe. My friend sticks mostly to the medium and thick picks since he is heavy into lead.

I thought an innovative company that helped me out so much deserved some recognition so I created this web page for my review. Kudos Pistol-Picks!